Great Plains Organic Waste Sequestration

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Vaulted deploys slurry injection technology to geologically sequester organic wastes for the purpose of permanent carbon removal. Vaulted owns and operates a built and permitted injection well site in Hutchinson, Kansas. This site hosts a network of 60 salt caverns, with the total capacity to hold 2-3 million metric tons of organic waste and room to expand beyond that. Vaulted secures a range of organic wastes (including biosolids, livestock and agricultural waste, paper sludge, and others) through sustainable sourcing practices from the surrounding area. Vaulted then minimally processes the waste on-site and geologically injects them, permanently (10,000+ years) sequestering the carbon.

How carbon is being removed

Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage (BiCRS) involves storing carbon present in biomass, which is organic material originating from living or recently living organisms. Examples of products stored are biomass in its original form, dried biomass, or products produced from biomass such as bio-oil or bio-char.

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Reversal risk

The risk of reversal for this project has been assessed as Very low. This means that 2% of credits issued for this project are allocated to Vaulted Deep's buffer pool.

To date, this project has contributed 63.363 credits to the buffer pool which holds a total of 63.363 credits.

Vaulted Deep has no reversals to date.

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